Aisha Sultan

Lecturer in College Writing
BA, Trinity University
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    • MSC 1096-153-122
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    Aisha Sultan is a nationally syndicated features columnist, filmmaker and speaker. Her work has run in more than a hundred publications, including The Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. She has won several national awards recognizing her writing, including the Knight Wallace Fellowship at the University of Michigan. Her work primarily explores social change and how it impacts families. She has worked as a staff writer at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch since 1998. She graduated from Trinity University with a BA in Sociology and International Studies and did graduate work at the University of Chicago in the social sciences.

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    College Writing: Writing Identity

    What defines who we are and who we may become? How do class, gender, race, sexuality, and other social forces shape our identities? In what ways are our identities inherent or constructed, claimed or ascribed? In this course, we explore these and similar questions through the work of creative and critical writers, artists, and thinkers.