College Writing Course Options

Preparatory Courses

Before taking College Writing, some students may be required or recommended to take one or more preparatory courses.

Preparatory Course Listings

Themed Courses

To satisfy the first-year writing requirement, students choose from among several themed options that develop and hone the same core skills and preserve the intimate classroom setting that makes rich discussion viable. Please see descriptions of these courses below:

Beyond College Writing

Once they have successfully completed College Writing, students may wish to take another writing course. From the 200-level writing workshop on Engaging Research to the 300-level writing intensive courses, Washington University offers many courses that will help students continue to learn and grow as writers.

Beyond College Writing Course Options
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L59 CWP 111 College Writing: Ampersand Ireland

L59 CWP 115 College Writing: Writing, Literature & Justice

L59 CWP 117 College Writing: Power & Commodity Culture

L59 CWP 113 College Writing: Dreams & Nightmares

L59 CWP 118 College Writing: Writing Technology

L59 CWP 116 College Writing: Place & Perspective

L59 CWP 119 College Writing: When I'm 64

L59 CWP 114 College Writing: Writing Identity

L59 CWP 112 College Writing: Citizen Scientist

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