Students selected to read original work at Emerging Voices

Emerging Voices is a reading of the creative writing produced in College Writing 1 classrooms hosted by the College Writing Program. This spring's reading will be held in College Hall on April 23 at 5:00PM.

Twelve students have been selected to read excerpts from CW1 personal essays:

Emma Altieri, “6425 Hillegass Avenue”

Theodore Boozalis, “Jack”

Mikkie Chu, “A Day in the Life”

Scott Greenberg, “Jews Don’t Believe in Hell, But We Do Believe in Summer Camp”

Michael Henderson, “A Theory of Identity (Told Through the Story of Sports Pennants)”

Emma LaPlante, “Luminous”

Youming Liu, “Unspoken”

Sophie Lombardo, “Then It Was Ashes”

Julia Osteen, “The Shoes”

Savannah Rodriguez, “Progressive Regression: A Conditioned Aversion to Spoken Language”

Kate Shikany, “Orange”

Kelley Zhao, “Stand By"

We'd also like to acknowledge Julia Kim (“Safety First”), Sarah Vaughen (“A Privileged Encounter”), and Paige Woolman (“Las Hijas”) who are unable to read at Emerging Voices.