Writing on Aging

College Writing, L59 119

Half of your generation will see your hundredth birthday. This astonishing shift in demographics is one that affects each of us as individuals, as members of families, and as citizens. This writing class takes aging as its theme, sharpening our critical thinking through such practices as analysis, argumentation, and research, while asking the following questions: How will we negotiate the changing goals and life circumstances that accompany a century of life? How will new technologies change how we live as individuals and as a society? How will our experiences and those who go before us shift how we imagine the possibilities open to our future selves? We will read essayists, critics, and theorists tackling these problems, and in turn, we will engage our new longer future through our own creative and critical responses as well. This section of College Writing is linked to the Beyond Boundaries course When I'm 64: Transforming Your Future.

When I'm 64: Transforming Your Future

This class will introduce you to the many issues related to aging in our society. You’ll interact with leaders and researchers from many fields, including medicine, engineering, architecture, public health, social work, law, business, art, psychology, and anthropology.

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