College Writing 1 students showcase research at Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Office of Undergraduate Research sponsors the Undergraduate Research Symposium, which is a forum for students to present their research findings and a celebration of the diversity of research that takes place at Wash U. Student research essays from College Writing 1 feature amid impressive projects from across the disciplines. The event has included a keynote address, selected student talks, a poster session, and performances and demonstrations of projects.

Five students presented their College Writing 1 research at the Fall 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium:

Chase Antonnacci, "When the Purging Process Goes Wrong: Investigating the Weed-Out Paradigm in 21st Century Higher Education"

Sarah Chiang, "A Man’s Game: Analysis of the Gender Divide in Chess"

Sophie Elliott, "Trumpeting American Exceptionalism: The Implications and Consequences of the 2015 Revision to the AP U.S. History Exam"

Syrus Jin, "Rational Radicals: Japanese Foreign Policy in the 21st Century"

Bonnie Simonoff, "Shooting for Answers: Bullying, Masculinity, and School Massacres"