College Writing students will feature at OUR Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) sponsors the Undergraduate Research Symposium, which is a forum for students to present their research findings and a celebration of the excellent research being conducted by undergraduates throughout Washington University. Three student research essays from College Writing will feature amid impressive projects from across the disciplines at this fall's Undergraduate Research Symposium:

Sofie Adams, "There’s A Train A-Comin’: A Theological Consideration of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X"

Rehan Mehta, "Prosthetics in the Olympics: How Should they be Managed?"

Joyelle Van Eron, "Do Black Mother’s Lives Matter? Confronting A Morally Unjust, Racist System"

The fall 2020 symposium will be held virtually on the ForagerOne platform and is running concurrently with the OUR’s new Undergraduate Research Week. The event lineup includes panels and workshops on getting started in research, pursuing graduate school, and student insights from conducting research in the COVID-19 era. Visitors can "stop by" the symposium this week, December 1-3, and view students' pre-recorded posters, talks, exhibits, and performances.

We'd like to also recognize the following College Writing students who chose not to present:

Kenneth Lam, "The St. Louis Divide: The Modern-Day Economic Implications of the Remnants of the 1970s"

Jonathan Taitz, "The Commodification of Green Spaces in Chicago"

Yael Silberman, "The Imposter Syndrome: How Personality, Socioeconomic Diversity, and Race Impact Students at Washington University in St. Louis"