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Fall 2023 Undergraduate Research Symposium Features College Writing Students’ Projects

Four student research projects from College Writing were featured at the Fall 2023 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Four student research projects from College Writing were featured at the Office of Undergraduate Research’s (OUR) Fall 2023 Undergraduate Research Symposium that took place on Friday, October 27th in the Emerson Auditorium in Bauer Hall. The event featured a wide array of research projects from undergraduate students from across the university community. Students had the opportunity to hone their presentation skills while sharing the excellent work that they have produced as students at WashU with their peers and faculty mentors. Some students presented posters of their research, while other students engaged in brief oral presentations and Q&As about their work.


Students presenting work from College Writing include:


Q&A with Emily Hung about Her Symposium Experience

How did you come up with the idea for your project?

"I’ve always been passionate about accessibility and diverse engagement in outdoor recreation! Since I was in Power and Commodity Culture, it felt relevant to use the lens of social media and marketing to examine what narratives are being told and what the consequences might be in profit-focused ad campaigns."

How did your understanding of what it means to do “research” change through your work on this project in College Writing?

"I had always thought research was something that had to happen in the field, but this research project helped me understand that anyone can do research from wherever they are and on whatever they are curious about!"

What was your favorite part of participating in the Undergraduate Research Symposium?

"I really enjoyed talking to people about new directions and deeper questions to explore for future research!"

What advice do you have for current College Writing students about submitting their work to a future UR Symposium?

"This was such a valuable experience that exposed me to all the different ways research can “look” and inspired me to want to continue exploring the questions that spark my curiosity. If you feel passionate about what you’re researching, get excited talking about what you’ve discovered, and want to share your hard work with your peers, the OUR Symposium is the perfect opportunity to share, learn, and grow!"