Spring 2022 Undergraduate Research Symposium features College Writing students' projects

Three student research projects from College Writing are featured at the Office of Undergraduate Research's (OUR) spring 2022 Undergraduate Research Symposium:

Jade Pita, "Environmental Racism in Coastal Louisiana & Native American Removal in the 21st Century"

Eric Wang, "The Sound of Identity: An Investigation of attitudes towards English accents of Chinese Students who study in US Colleges"

Jade Zhang, "Trading Chinatown for Costco: The Future of Commercial Gentrification on St. Louis’ Olive Boulevard"

The symposium features students presenting their research findings and impressive projects from across the disciplines. It's a celebration of the excellent research being conducted by undergraduates throughout Washington University. The spring 2022 symposium is being held virtually on the ForagerOne platform. Visitors can "stop by" the symposium and view students' pre-recorded posters, talks, exhibits, and performances.

We'd like to also recognize the following College Writing students who chose not to present:

Lily Pecoriello, "You Are What You (Re)produce: An exploration of how capitalistic values shape and oppress aging queer identities"

Violette Terjanian, "The Digitization of the Food & Wine Classic and the Implications of Instagram Food"

Rhys Williams, "More than Plastic Spoons: A Posthumanist Take on Climate Change"