Tarrell Campbell publishes online journal "Quimbandas: Explorations of Identities"

The first issue of the online journal Quimbandas: Explorations of Identities has been published by College Writing Lecturer and Assistant Dean Tarrell Campbell. Quimbandas aims to explore "feminisms, masculinisms, and issues related to human identities and development–particularly as relates constructions and representations of African diasporic identities." 

Within its inaugural issue, Quimbandas finds its inspiration in the life and times of Belle de Costa Greene. "Belle da Costa Greene was a prominent art historian and the first manuscript librarian of the Pierpont Morgan collection. She was also the first known person of color, and second woman, to be elected a Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America (1939). [...] Her legacy highlights the professional difficulties faced by Medievalists of Color, the personal sacrifices they make in order to belong to the field, and their extraordinary contributions to Medieval Studies."

In addition to his role as Editor, Campbell has a book review of Virgin Whore by Emma Solberg featured in this issue. College Writing Program Assistant Director Rachel Adams is also featured with a selection of her poems published in a spotlight on local artists.

The full issue of Quimbandas Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): Celebrating the Lives and Times of Belle da Costa Greene can be found online at https://quimbandas.org/.