Terri Taylor

Senior Lecturer in College Writing
MA, Southeastern Louisiana University
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    • College Writing Program
    • MSC 1096-153-122
    • Washington University
    • 1 Brookings Drive
    • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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    Terri has a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and journalism and a master’s degree in English from Southeastern Louisiana University. While completing her master’s degree, she was the freshmen composition teaching fellow and worked in the university’s Writing Center wherein she worked one-on-one with students in understanding and honing their writing process. Her scholarly interest focuses on the application of psychoanalytical theory, specifically second-wave Lacanian gaze theory, to classic cinema in order to understand spectator desire and gender positions. Terri’s publication history includes “There’s Nothing Wrong with Ellen: Feminine Positions in John M. Stahl’s Leave Her to Heaven” in the Fall 2015 edition of The Pick and her master’s thesis, “You Have to Come a Long Way—From the Beginning of Time—to Kill Yourself: Feminine Desire in Maya Deren’s Meshes of the AfternoonAt Land, and Ritual in Transfigured Time.” Terri utilizes her analytical interests in the classroom by showing students how moving past surface-level findings leads to deeper conversations and how they can apply the skill to their academic and prospective careers

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